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1305 Pitner Avenue


Continued Work on the Interior


With the warm spell, some exterior work was done this week adding trim around the large windows. Work continues on the interior preparing each floor walls for eventual drywalling.  The garbage shut has been installed and the Nicor connection will soon be completed.

Continued Layout of the Interior Walls


The building work is focused on continued layout of the interior walls with work moving to the 2nd and 3rd floors.  Installation work continues on the various plumbing and electrical runs located in the walls along with installation of the buildings duct work.  All windows are in place.

Work Continues on the First Floor


Work continues with a focus on the 1st floor framing, installation of plumbing, HVAC ventilation systems, and electrical. The 2nd and 3rd floors this week will have Gyp-Crete poured, creating a hard subfloor throughout those floors. After the pour occurs and this material hardens lay out and framing of the 2nd and 3rd floors will pick up pace. 

Installation of Plumbing and Ductwork


Work continues on installing both building plumbing and the ductwork utilized by the heating and cooling system.  Kitchen and bath room venting is being installed.

Building Is Fully Enclosed


This week the building has passed a milestone with the building being fully enclosed.  Utilities have been run to property.  Work continues on the interior with a focus on installation of various internal systems including Heating and Cooling Duct work, plumbing, and installation of the building fire sprinkler system. 

Finishing Building's Envelope


Work continues on finishing up the building's envelope.  This work is anticipated to be completed the first week in January.  This week’s exterior work focuses on the buildings curtain wall along with continued work laying out the interior.

Brick Work Almost Complete


The buildings brick work is about complete.  Work continues on the interior lay out of the various residential units.  Contractors have begun installing the building duct work and interior piping. 

Interior Walls Going Up On First Floor


The masons continue to work.  The front and north side of the structure has been finished with the masons now working on the East or back side of the building.  Brick work is now being applied to the third-floor facade.  On the interior, work continues with the lay out the various apartment units and their interior walls on the first floor. 

Building Exterior Being Readied for Winter


The masons have begun bricking up the front of the structure.  The building exterior is being enclosed and readied for winter.  Work continues on preparing the third floor to receive the roof.

Exterior Brick Work


Construction continues with brick work having begun on the Building Exterior.  This work will go on for the next few weeks.  Additional work continues on the structure, preparing the building for full enclosure and the roofing of the structure.

Third Floor Going Up


The third-floor exterior walls have been set into place. Windows continue to be installed on the 2nd floor as work continues on the structure, all working towards the next major milestone of enclosing the structure. 

Exterior Walls


Work continues setting in place the exterior walls to the structure. The third-floor exterior work will begin this week. The elevator shaft has been completed to what will be its' final height. The stairwells have been put in place. 

Second Floor Going Up


The project continues on course.  The structure continues to rise with the walls of the second floor going up and windows going in on the ground floor.  The overall project is approximately one third of the way through.

Decking Continues


Decking continues for the first-floor ceiling. Crane will be back soon for second floor framing. Second floor planned to commence this week. Elevator shaft construction to continue.

Construction Continues Along


The First Floor exterior walls have gone up at the site. Work continues on installing further First Floor Components.

Construction Continues


The concrete pad has been poured and cured. We will begin erecting the first floor panel walls this week. Work continues on the elevator shaft.

Construction Continues


Foundation work at the site is about complete. The elevator shaft work continues and steel work rises on the site. The building pad itself soon will be poured once all of the foundation work is complete. 

Elevator Shaft Work Continues


Work continues on the elevator shaft along with preparations for pouring the building pad. Work continues on the underground utilities.

Elevator Shaft


This week the elevator shaft will start to emerge at the site. The shaft will eventually reach three stories. Additional work continues on the location, including work on underground utilities.

Concrete Poured, Building Pad in Progress


Additional concrete has been poured and is now curing. The next step will be stripping the forms and then readying to pour the building pad.

Foundation and Building Pad


Work continues on finishing up the building's foundation and the creation of the building pad. Work is weather-dependent.

Foundation Pouring


Work continues on schedule. The foundation trenches have been dug and formed up, Next we expect to pour the foundation and building pad.

Excavation Continues


As scheduled, excavation and footing work continues this week. Work is weather-dependent.

Construction Phase Beginning


The site is moving from the preparation phase to the construction phase. Excavation work and footing work in commencing this week. Work is weather-dependent.

Foundation Excavation


The demolition of the existing structure occurred this past Monday. Site preparation continues and we anticipate the foundation excavation occurring soon, weather permitting.

Demolition Beginning


The site continues to move forward with preparations for construction. Weather permitting, demolition of the existing structure on the site will begin this week. 

Water and Sewer Preparation


The site continues to move forward with preparations for construction. We anticipate that the water and sewer to the site will be disconnected over the next week. Please bear with us during this short time while street work is being done. 

Site Clearance


We are officially ready to move forward with the demolition and site clearance of the property over the next week. Com Ed and Nicor have finished disconnecting all utilities, and you will begin to see a daily site presence as activity picks up on the work site.

Site Preparations In Progress


The fences have been put up and site preparations are moving forward to ready the site for construction. Visit this site next week for the Construction Management Plan along with our weekly update. 



Welcome to the 1305 Pitner construction communication page. This site will provide regular updates on construction progress and important information pertaining to construction site management. 

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